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      Heshan Lieneng Chemical Co., Ltd.

           Dongxu Group Heshan Lieneng Chemical Co., Ltd. is located in Chaoyang Industrial Park, Yayao Town, Heshan, Jiangmen City, Guangdong. It is one of the famous hometowns of overseas Chinese in China. It has a pleasant climate and outstanding people. It is the hometown of Li Tiefu, the first Chinese oil painting.
            Dongxu Group was established in 2003, and Lieneng Chemical Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Dongxu Group. The company fully implements the ISO9001/14001 standard certification system. Lieneng Chemical has a high-quality research and development team, established advanced testing equipment, and managed a complete quality control center. It has formed a strategic pattern based on Guangdong, deepening the country and expanding overseas. The main products are golf paint and helmet paint. The golf lacquer performance is excellent, breaking the long-term technological monopoly of alloy carbon fiber lacquer in Europe and the United States, and is the designated supplier of many international golf club manufacturers and sports equipment manufacturers. The helmet paint performance is outstanding and the technology is leading. It is the first choice material for many leading helmet enterprises in China. The automotive coatings project focusing on “environmental protection, function and color” focuses on automotive paint research and relies on the Group's 30-year raw material trading business advantage to select the most sophisticated raw materials for automotive paints. Product service Many 4S automobile franchise stores and maintenance manufacturers nationwide, automotive paint products exported to Southeast Asia, Africa and many countries. "Accurate, reliable and professional" is the spirit of our production and service. The company actively participates in promotion and industry exchange activities. In the long-term development process, it has excellent product quality and performance, professional after-sales service. The service has won the trust and praise of domestic and foreign customers. On the basis of adhering to technological innovation, the company pays close attention to quality management, continuously improves service level, and realizes the sound development of the company's business. We sincerely welcome domestic and foreign customers to visit the company and exchange technical exchanges.
           Customer support is our greatest encouragement.      Customer satisfaction is our step forward towards the goal

      Heshan Lieneng Chemical Co., Ltd.
        Service Hotline:0750-8282077

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