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      What will the price of paint factory be affected?

      2019-03-08 11:31:02

      It can be said that there are many kinds of paints in the shopping mall, and their brands are also very many. But there are also careful friends found that some paint prices are very different. Today, Heshan Lineng Xiaobian will give you a brief introduction of what factors affect the pricing of Heshan Painting Factory.

      First of all, a very important factor affecting the price of paint factory is the difference of varieties. It can be said that there are many kinds of paints nowadays. In addition to general paints, there are also anti-corrosive paints, high-temperature paints and so on. Because of the different types of paints, their production processes are also very different. In this way, the price of paint factory will naturally be very different. Secondly, another factor affecting the price of paint manufacturers is the demand of the market. If the market is not particularly good and the demand is not a particular big story, it will also affect the price adjustment.

      On the contrary, if the market competition is very fierce and the supply of the market is very scarce, then the price will naturally be higher. In addition, paint manufacturers pricing, in addition to the above elements, then there is also a very important point, that is, different packaging, such as general packaging and gold packaging, some packaging is also different. Generally speaking, paint factory pricing will be based on the size of their own brand, market share and so on to better pricing. Generally speaking, the product price of big brand paint factory is higher than that of small factory. This requires customers in the selection process, not just by price bumps to measure.

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