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      Characteristics and Types of Waterborne Industrial Paints

      2019-03-08 11:32:56

      Heshan industrial paint has a wide range of applications, such as bridges, steel structures, ships, electromechanical, steel and so on. Waterborne industrial paint accounts for 70% of the total amount of paint used annually. Waterborne industrial paint mainly uses water as diluent. It does not need curing agent and some solvents. It is a new type of environmental protection anti-rust and anticorrosive paint which is different from oily industrial paint.

      1. Waterborne alkyd resin as the main film-forming substance of water-borne paint:

      With water as the main diluent, it has the characteristics of fast drying and excellent protective performance. It can be used as the bottom protective coatings for metal substrates. The coating can be constructed by dipping, spraying and other methods. This kind of coating is mostly used in the dipping of furniture brackets, automobile chassis and automobile leaf springs. It is especially suitable for the protective coating on the surface of export steel products.

      2. Waterborne acrylic paint as the main component:

      The main features are good adhesion, not darkening the color, but poor wear resistance and chemical resistance. Because of its low cost and low technical content, it is a primary product in the market, mostly used in steel structures with low gloss and decorative effect.

      3. Compounds of water-borne amino and alkyd are the main components:

      Compared with other waterborne industrial paints, its characteristics are not only adhering to the characteristics of acrylic waterborne industrial paints, but also outstanding gloss and fullness of the paint film, and no difference between its performance and traditional amino groups. These products are mostly used in the automotive industry and need to be baked.

      4. Water-borne epoxy resin as the main component:

      It does not contain harmful substances such as benzene, formaldehyde, lead and so on. It has high solid content, strong adhesion and excellent anti-corrosion performance. It also has low flame spreading property, which can solve the problem of pollution to human body and environment caused by flue gas and toxic substances released from paint film when it is baked or burned at high temperature, and improve the safety and temperature resistance of products. Its development and application are the development direction of current marine coatings.

      All waterborne paints use water as diluent, do not use organic solvents, do not contain organic solvents, do not contain benzene, toluene, xylene, formaldehyde, free TDI toxic heavy metals, non-toxic, non-irritating odor, harmless to the human body, no pollution to the environment, paint film plump, flexible and water resistance, wear resistance, aging resistance, yellowing resistance, fast drying, easy to use.

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