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      The Difference among Automobile Paint, Metal Paint and Pearl Paint

      2019-03-08 11:33:20

      Jiangmen automobile paint is the general name of automobile paint, such as primer, intermediate paint, color paint, varnish and so on.

      Metal paint is a general term for the appearance of a paint. All paints with metal particles are called metal paint. The color paint in automobile paint has metal particles, so there are metal paints in car paint, but not all metal paints are car paint.

      Pearl paint is also a general term for the appearance of a paint. All the paints with pearl particles are called Pearl paint. The colors in car paint have pearl particles, so there are pearl paints in car paint, but not all pearl paints are car paint.

      Compared with Pearl paint, metal paint has a thicker and more obvious granularity. Metal powder in metal paint is made up of aluminium powder, so it can be easily distinguished even in dark climate. Pearl powder in pearl paint is made up of Pearl powder. The granularity is relatively small and not obvious. It can be distinguished only in sunlight or in light, for example, red pearl and white. Pearls, blue pearls, black pearls and other car Pearl paint.

      We need to distinguish what kind of paint a car can be directly determined by the above method.

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